Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 1 - The Caribbean is calling me!

Caribbean life…Jamaica bound!

Day one of my long awaited vacation found me up at an ungodly hour heading to the airport so that I could arrive in Jamaica in the morning. Well worth it! Even though it’d been so long since I’d been to Jamaica, I felt an easy familiarity as soon as I made my way outside the airport to find my cousin Andrea waiting to greet me.

The ride home along the coast was beautiful, but the trip up the mountains to Mandeville, my dad’s hometown, was amazing. Seeing all those stunning homes nestled in the hillsides almost made me forget the drive up on those narrow winding roads to get there (yikes!).

A delicious dinner of curry chicken and rice and peas awaited me when I arrived at the house (sorry, I was greedy – no time for pics). But before that, we went out in the backyard and picked up a few things for breakfast: ackee and avocados (look at the size of these!).

It was a long day, so we wrapped it up by enjoying a glass of wine and the cool mountain air out on the verandah. Island living - I could do this.

Next post...the Mandeville town centre!

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